Students Development Programs

We conduct various career counselling and guidance sessions for our students. Experts counsel students for career development through self-assessment, career planning, decision making, & implementation. Such programs help in intellectual, academic and emotional growth of the students.

The academic sessions look to refine and polish just one side of the coin i.e. the student. These workshops make a sincere attempt to remodel the student in a holistic manner and arm them with a universe of skills and techniques. It will certainly help them to be proficient in life; both in the personal and professional spheres. The skills developed through these programs help them to excel and achieve resounding success in any activity they undertake in the future. Such holistic development lays a solid foundation and transforms our bright-eyed novices into confident young adults who can straddle many worlds with ease.


  1. Study skills development program

The students are so accustomed to using rote learning techniques to achieve good scores that the entire process of learning turns into one huge tedious task. Through the Study Skills Development program, we seek to introduce the students to such methods that would not only make them grasp the content, but would do so in such a way that the students actually fall in love with learning. A very effective and helpful Workshop was conducted by our college in collaboration with the Institute of Chartered Accountants.
In this workshop Mr Shailesh Rathi from the institute briefed the students about the Chartered Accountancy course. Also he guided them through the procedure of enrolling for the course. Students having inclination towards the course were highly benefited from this workshop.

  1. Motivation and goal setting

Each and every individual has some or the other goals in life. However, all these goals become mere ideas unless one acts on them. In our motivation and goal-setting workshops, we teach the students ways in which they can easily achieve their goals while staying driven all the way. We organised a very inspiring workshop named Keep Moving. It included a series of sessions which helped our students to instill a positive and achievers attitude in them. These interactive sessions were conducted on varied topics like self belief, self discipline, relationship, communication, courage, interaction and study techniques. The workshop infused the students with positivity.

  1. Time management

It is hard to find a person who makes 100% use of the entire 24 hours in a day at their disposal. While this may be a huge ask of anyone, let alone a student fresh out of school, it is not entirely impossible. Through our time management workshops, we enlighten the students on how to prioritize their tasks and ensure that they get the most from their day while having spare time for recreation as well.

  1. Memory techniques

Memory is as important an aspect in academics as it is in other spheres of life. Our memory techniques workshops help the students retain important facts and information effectively over longer periods of time and not just until they are done with their examinations.

  1. Meditation, relaxation, heartfulness program

The stressful lives that our youth lead today can come in the way of their psychological health which in turn can adversely affect one’s ability to deal with the many curveballs life throws at you. The meditation, relaxation, and heartfulness workshops at our College help our students be at the centre of things and manage and overcome any number of challenging situations they may face with ease.

  1. Health and hygiene awareness

Ensuring good hygiene habits while being healthy is quite essential. However, it is exactly what gets neglected in the midst of our busy schedules. We try to spread awareness regarding habits to follow and imbibe in order to stay healthy and be able to focus on our goals.

  1. Security and safety awareness session

Knowing how to defend and protect yourself is of essence in today’s times where we are exposed to many dangers. The security and safety awareness sessions empower our students and activate the survival instinct in them so that they can confidently come out of any difficult scenario they may face. Our college organised a self defence workshop for girl students. In the workshop girl students were taught some easy techniques to defend themselves which enhanced their sense of safety and boosted their confidence level.

  1. Self-actualization and self-worth

Self-actualization is the point in life wherein one feels they have reached their maximum potential. While this sounds too far-fetched and next to impossible, our workshops promise to set the student on the path towards it in the least. They also help the student to become aware of one’s self-worth and use it to achieve one’s goals and ultimately reach the stage of self-actualization.

Students Skill Development Programs


Saftey and security

Self actualization

Motivational goal setting